Meet Chloe!


Meet 12-year-old Chloe. She was not meeting typical milestones and was eventually diagnosed at two years old with cerebral palsy. She had surgery to lengthen her legs but still has muscle weakness. She uses a walker for short distances and a wheelchair for longer periods. Chloe is joyful despite these challenges.


Chloe has a number of interests. She watches Home improvement shows and Don’t Forget the lyrics. Chloe listens to country and top 40 music. She keeps up with popular trends on TikTok.  Her favorite outing is going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. She loves gymnastics and used to be on a special needs team. Chloe is also a diligent student who excels at math. She does these and more, but her best attribute is a splendid personality. She is a sweet girl who likes making everybody happy. She never gives up on her goals and has the drive of a champion. Chloe has a gold-medal heart and we are always in her cheering section!


Chloe received a therapy bicycle to help exercise her legs while riding with her friends outdoors. Special thanks to Athletes Helping Athletes for being her sponsor! Chloe will enjoy her new bike for many years to come!