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Wheelchairs 4 Kids 2023 Jail and Bail Wanted Poster for Ciji Castro

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Breaking & Entering to Perform Grand Theft of 20lbs of Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye

Oh boy, have you heard about Ciji Castro’s latest escapade? Apparently, she decided to go full-on carnivore and break into Josh’s Premium Meats in Miami, Florida. She snuck into the meat case and stole a massive 20-pound Japanese A5 Wagyu ribeye! Can you imagine the look on Josh’s face when he found out? Ciji must have been as smooth as butter to sneak out of the store undetected, but seriously, who steals a massive ribeye like that? I guess she really wanted to sink her teeth into some premium meat!

This news footage is quite incriminating:

Ciji Castro is the CEO and brand figurehead of Domestic Gourmet. Her food photography has been featured by some of the most prestigious restaurants and luxury hotels, such as the Four Seasons and the Ritz Carlton. As a mom of three girls, she founded, a website catering to gourmand families, by including notes on her recipes of ways to incorporate children of all ages in the cooking process. She also contributes to her community as an Endometriosis Foundation of America Ambassador and as a third-party partner of Feeding Tampa Bay.

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