Meet Daniel!


Meet 12-year-old Daniel. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, an illness where the immune system attacks the nerves. Daniel has lost most of his feeling in his legs. He uses a walker throughout the day and a wheelchair for long distances. This young boy is cheerful despite the harsh condition.


Daniel enjoys several activities. He listens to all types of music. He likes taking walks and generally spending time outdoors. Daniel, however, has one very cool passion that reflects his high intelligence. He loves science, which is his best topic in school—he especially enjoys doing chemistry experiments. His favorite outing is visiting a local science center. He simply likes to learn! Daniel more importantly is a sweet boy. Even though Daniel keeps mostly to himself, he is kindhearted and thoughtful towards everybody. Meet Daniel. Even though he lost a lot of feeling in his legs, he continues to move forward with the power of his heart.


Daniel needs a therapy bicycle to improve his leg strength and stamina. He can also have fun riding the trike with his friends. Please be his sponsor!