Danny “BIG BIDDER” Persaud

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Outbidding the Competition

Danny Persaud, AKA Big Bidder, is a well-known man about town. You will find him at all the Bucs and Lightning Games chatting up Tampa Bay’s most generous philanthropists and gathering intel on the best Charity Auctions coming up. His goal – win every amazing auction item up for bid. He loves an old-fashioned paper and pen silent auction. He has been known to switch out all the pens on the items he wants for 20-year-old, dried up Blockbuster logoed pens.

Danny’s training in personal security is his biggest asset at live auctions. He scopes out the room gathering intelligence on who is interested in the biggest prize. His MO – Charm his competitors with his wide smile and kind words and then swoop in at the end to grab up the biggest prize with a huge bid! Beware of this guy – he is armed and charitable!

Danny Persaud is the Founder and CEO of MidFlordia Armored. MidFlorida Armored has evolved into a leading armored transportation service carrier throughout the state of Florida. Its leadership is founded on trust and has earned a reputation as the most reliable name in customer service in our industry. Today, companies across the state entrust MidFlorida Armored with the secure armored transportation and management of their most precious assets.

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