Meet Darian!



Meet 16-year-old Darian. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy shortly after his birth. He uses a gait trainer to walk short distances and a wheelchair for longer periods of time. Darian has other trials, but he remains active and cheerful.


Darian has an array of interests. His favorite show is the highly popular cartoon, Go, Dog, Go. He likes looking at Doctor Suess books. Darian is a fan of Red Sox and Yankees baseball. His favorite outings are going to Disney and simply eating Italian food at Olive Garden. Most of all, Darian is a sweet boy. He quickly becomes best friends with everyone. He is gentle and kind. Meet Darian. He is proof that there is still love in this world, and he is ready to spread love everywhere!


Darian needs a medical stroller for easier and safer transportation. Please be his sponsor!