Meet Daryl



Meet eight-year-old Daryl, his mom had seizures during pregnancy. She was given medicine, which caused Daryl to have cerebral palsy. His main challenge is being confined to a wheelchair. Daryl moves through life with a happy face despite his limitation.


Daryl has a number of interests. He likes watching all of the most popular shows and movies, including, Batman and Marvel. He listens to rap music and his favorite performer is R Kelly. He has a parking lot-sized collection of cool Hot Wheels cars. Daryl also loves dogs. His dream is to one day have a service dog. More importantly, Daryl is a sweet boy. He puts other people’s needs ahead of his own. He is brave and fights through every obstacle. Daryl’s grandmother says that he is the best grandchild ever! He certainly is the best source of inspiration, too!


Daryl needed a specialized car seat to provide him with more support and safety features while being in the car. With the help of a grant through Scaife we were able to help Daryl get the Car Seat that he needed!