Meet Dennis “Trey”!



Meet nine-year-old Dennis. He was diagnosed with the most severe form of spina bifida known as Myelomeningocele. His biggest challenge is mobility. He walks with braces on his legs and becomes tired easily. Dennis, also known as Trey, is a happy boy regardless of his obstacles.


Dennis enjoys an array of pastimes. He listens to popular music and his favorite song is Believer by Imagine Dragons. His favorite film is the latest hit Top Gun Maverick. He likes reading nonfiction books about animals and sports. In fact, Dennis is a huge sports fan. He watches Bengals and Chiefs football. He also collects football cards. Dennis loves camping with his family, too. He is a kind boy who adores his family and friends. To the delight of everybody, Dennis is becoming a jokester. Meet Dennis.  Even with his limitations, he has a limitless way of making us all smile.


Dennis needed a manual wheelchair to be independent for long distances. He can keep up with his friends in school and during field trips. Thanks to a Grant through Sorenson we were able to help Dennis get the Wheelchair that he needed!