Meet Derrick!



Meet five-year-old Derrick. Sadly, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury that changed his life. Derrick is nonverbal and blind.  He is unable to walk or crawl and uses a wheelchair for mobility. He depends on his family for everyday tasks. Derrick has more challenges, but he remains a remarkable little boy despite his trials.


Derrick enjoys the simplest things. He listens to all types of music. He likes going outside to feel the relaxing, warm sunshine. The sounds of barking dogs make him laugh, too. In fact, he is very giggly and jovial. Most of all, Derrick is the happiest when he is cuddled and hugged. He really just wants to be loved, and this works perfectly for him. Derrick is a magnet for people. One look at his smiling face and falling in love with him is inevitable!


Derrick needed a stroller for easier and safer transportation. His grandmother helps to care for his needs, and his wheelchair is too heavy for her to lift in and out of the family vehicle. Thanks to a grant through Shirakiku, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help Derrick obtain the trike that he needed!