Meet Dillon



Meet 16-year-old Dillon. He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Dillon cannot walk and is confined to a powerchair; lifting his hand to use the joystick is getting to be more difficult. He remains cheerful despite his growing limitations.


Dillon has a variety of popular interests. He listens to country and Christian music. He watches Bucs football, and his favorite player is Mike Evans. He also has a cool collection of football helmets from Florida State and the Bucs. Dillon is a diligent student and he loves learning about history. Dillon is more than just the sum of his interests. He is a strong and positive guy who fights daily through his obstacles and is able to retain a magical smile. Dillon wears his kind heart on his sleeve and is never mean to anybody. This young man is aptly named. Dillon means lion. Our Dillon certainly has the heart of a brave lion, and he is our hero!


Dillon needed a new wheelchair ramp to make his home more accessible with the heavy powerchair. Thanks to a grant through Saunders and a Grant through The Broadrick Foundation, we were able to help Dillon obtain the ramp that he needed!