Meet Dylan!



Meet six-year-old Dylan. He has severe contractures in his legs and he cannot walk or stand. Dylan continues to move forward with a smile despite his challenges.


Dylan has numerous ways of having fun. He watches movies and likes the film Sing—his favorite character is the koala, Mr. Moon. Instead of reading books, Dylan makes up his own imaginative stories. He is also very social and cannot wait to see his friends at school. Most importantly, Dylan is a great kid. He is very happy even during tough times. He is the happiest when playing with his brothers, too. Meet Dylan. This boy cannot walk, but he knows how to move us all with his brave example.


Dylan needed a wheelchair to provide better support, comfort, and more independence. His previous chair was adult-sized and is damaging his posture and causing pain. Thanks to a grant through the Tony Stewart Foundation, Wheelchairs 4 Kids was able to help assist Dylan obtain the Wheelchair that he needed!