Meet Easton!



Meet one-year-old Easton. He was diagnosed with a brain malformation disorder known as Lissencephaly. He currently does not have any independent mobility. Easton, however, is learning to roll over. He is nonverbal but makes cooing sounds to communicate. This young boy is happy despite his challenges.

Easton has a variety of interests. He has a peculiar taste in shows. Easton does not like kid’s programs. Instead, he is a huge fan of Jeopardy. He plays with Fisher Price Linkimals and toys that light up. He also has fun shaking his cool maracas. Easton’s favorite outing is going to the aquarium where he could watch fish all day if allowed. Easton has more interests, but he is best defined by a great personality. In a word, he is adorable. He loves being hugged, cuddled, and kissed. These make him giggle. Easton laughs at mostly everything, too. He also knows how to use his charm and big, beautiful, blue eyes to get his way. Meet Easton and take notes. He is the expert who knows how to love and be loved.

Easton needs a Firefly Go-To seat to provide proper upper body support and comfort while spending quality time with his family. Please be his sponsor!