Meet Ella!

Meet 10-year-old Ella. She was diagnosed with aplastic anemia, which is a blood-cell deficiency. She requires blood infusions, which is a difficult process. She can walk for short distances but needs assistance on bad days. Ella, despite this progressive illness, remains a lively and super-cool girl.


Ella has many neat interests. Her favorite shows are Gilmore Girls and the epic Stranger Things. She watches volleyball and Tampa Bay Bucs football. Ella has a great collection of Converse shoes. If that is not hip enough, Ella also plays guitar like a true performer. She has more interests, but her best attribute is a sweet personality. She always sees the good in every person. She is resilient and nothing gets her down. For these and other reasons, Ella inspires us all. And THAT defines cool!


Ella received a Ki Mobility Rogue lightweight wheelchair, that she will be able to use for distances and when she becomes tired.  Her old chair was not custom fit to her and was very heavy. The new one will also improve her independence. Thanks to her sponsors, Mabel & Ellsworth and the Saunders Foundation! Ella is so pleased with her new chair- it even came in her favorite color, purple!