Meet Emmy!


Meet one-year-old Emmy. This brave sweetheart was diagnosed with multiple conditions, including epilepsy and Tuberous sclerosis. She sadly suffers from multiple seizures daily. She needs complete support when sitting upright. She also requires help with everyday living skills. Emmy is a joyful child despite her many trials.


Emmy has a few interests. She is a fan of Disney movies. She listens to music from her Linkable Fisher Price toy. Emmy likes cozying up to her collection of blankets and stuffed animals. She is always eager to get in her stroller and take walks in the park. Most of all, Emmy is described as a perfect little baby. She is outgoing and always makes eye contact with people. She has an endearing smile that never fades and can light up a room. Meet Emmy. Her name means universal, and she is certainly universally loved!


Emmy received a bathchair for better support, safety, and comfort while bathing. Special thanks to her sponsor The Foundation of Caring. Emmy’s mom says, “The chair is PERFECT and will also work well as a feeding chair for travel purposes. Thank you so much!”