Meet Esther!



Meet four-year-old Esther.  She was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus and spina bifida. She had surgery at only two days old and spent months in the hospital. She is unable to sit upright without support. She is also unable to walk. Esther is very brave despite these and other limitations. 


Esther has fun but limited interests due to her challenges. She watches cartoons on her Tablet. She laughs wildly at the hit show La Vaca Lola, and the music also makes her grin from ear to ear. She has a good appetite and will eat anything. More importantly, Esther is a courageous little warrior who has gone through many hardships and always emerges smiling. She is an inspiration to us all. 


Esther needed a manual wheelchair to provide her with proper support and improved independence. Special thanks to an anonymous donor who sponsored Esther’s wheelchair.