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Bail: $3,000.00

AKA – Tony “Touchdown” Holloway

Crime: Fantasy Football Fraud


Tony “Touchdown” Holloway did willfully and without remorse flagrantly and forcibly coerce others into negotiating trades and deals of players teams in his fantasy football league. Additionally, Tony “Touchdown” Holloway did falsify records to said trades and deals.

Chief Anthony Holloway began his law enforcement career with the Clearwater Police Dep. in 1985. Upon his retirement in 2007, he was selected as the Chief of Police for the City of Somerville, MA. He rejoined the Clearwater Police Dept as Chief of Police in August 2014 and now serves as Chief of Police for the St. Petersburg Police Dept. 

In Chief Holloway’s free time he enjoys college basketball and football, reading and WWII history!

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