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Bail: $3000.00


AKA – “Sweet Tooth Bandit”


Crime: Sweet Tooth Bandit

Erica G. aka “Sweet Tooth Bandit” may be known for the extravagant events she organizes as owner of EG Event Management.  The dark side is her insatiable need for sweets!  She can often be seen lingering around the elaborate dessert tables she orders nibbling on all the goodies.  When caught in the act, her excuse?  “I want to ensure that everything is up to par.  The only way to do that is sample everything!  It’s a tough job, but I am willing to do it!”

She has even been known to lurk around the Mini Doughnut Factory and sneak the delectable goodies when owner Patrick Ruddell is distracted serving paying customers.

Addiction is a terrible thing!  She needs help!

Erica is the owner of EG Event Management, a multi service events planning company. We will be one of the leaders in managing events nationwide.  We focus on providing strong platforms for the up and coming as well the currently “hip” consumer. Our goal is to create an event that would best suit the future success and branding of our clients. We are in business to enable them to stand out from the masses, to have a unique voice, and to have a viable brand.

 Please make a donation today to help Erica get out of jail. Every donation will make a difference in a special child’s life!