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Bail: $3000.00


AKA – “The Goon Squad”


Crime: Defying Prohibition

The Goon Squad has been charged with producing moonshine and starting speak easy bars around town…with occasional bank robberies. They claim their awesome parties, high energy and thrive for money is what makes them so successful. 

David Anderson aka David “Down & Dirty” Anderson is known to many as a “party icon.” In his early 20’s Anderson dreamt of having a professional soccer career and supported this drive by hosting house parties to pay the bills. A career ending injury abruptly ended this dream, leaving him pondering what to do next. Quick on his feet, he shifted his focus to hosting themed house parties that Tampanians were demanding. The rest is history and Anderson has spent the last decade turning events and club promotions into a successful business. Most recently, Franklin Manor, in downtown Tampa, FL. Unlike any venue in Tampa, Franklin Manor is a social drinkery that hosts a hybrid of live music, craft beer and eatery. This is where Anderson hangs his hat currently and in less than a year has made Franklin Manor the talk of the town. This is because of Anderson’s experience, keen eye and forward thinking of the event and hospitality industry. He has a way of looking at the trends today and tomorrow!Anderson is one of the select few partners in The Nocturnal Group, the development and management company that makes the wheels turn at Franklin Manor and future boutique brands to come in the Tampa Bay area and elsewhere around the Country. His valued partners are long time friend, Lafranco Pescante, who has over eight years in the event and hospitality industry, and notable newcomer to the fold Jason Bell. David Anderson and The Nocturnal Group are clearly a management company on the rise.

Oytun Tutuncu aka “The Bud Man” serves as the interacting marketing manager at Pepin Distributing in Tampa, FL – one of the largest AB-InBev distributors in the United States. In addition to his position, Oytun also is the founder of Gauge Social, an alcohol and entertainment marketing company, socializing in digital media. Previously, Oytun founded and managed two promotions and marketing companies that specialized in the alcohol and entertainment industries as well. Oytun serves as an advisor and committee member for Tampa Bay Wave, a leading start-up incubator out of Tampa. He is also on the Board of the University of Tampa as the Marketing Chair, Board of Pepin Academies as a Digital Media Adviser, and also a volunteer as an alcohol responsibility adviser for the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. Oytun has received a B.A. in Advertising and a B.A. in Economics  for the University of South Florida. He recently received his M.B.A  from the University of Florida in December 2016. Additionally, he was chosen to serve as one of the three judges at Start-Up Weekend Florida, a mentor at Start-Up Week Florida, and a speaker at Start-Up Beverage Edition. Lastly, he was one of the three individuals to receive the Marketing Masterminds of Tampa bay honors in 2015 from Tampa Bay Wave. 

Lanfranco Pescante aka “Super Wop” was born and raised in Italy. Lanfranco came to the USA at a young age to follow the “American Dream”, he has a vast Bar and restaurant hospitality background stemming all the way back to his childhood in Italy. He has held every position in the hospitality industry ranging from server to manager, starting as a dishwasher from nothing and worked all the way up. He founded Nocturnal LIVE ten years ago with the best friend and partner, David Anderson. Using David’s words about him” “Mr. Pescante’s people skills and the ability to manager is second to none, exceptional organizational and managerial skills…he could sell ice to an Eskimo!” The Nocturnal Group is a management company specializing in bars, restaurants and events. Currently, we own, founded and manage two venues in Central Florida: Franklin Manor & The Carriage House as well as producing full scale concerts with renown artists ranging from Avicii to Nelly. Humbly stated, we are an experienced cutting edge company merging world class capabilities in bar/restaurant/event operations & development into a business-centric approach focused on driving net profit and delivering maximum added value for our partners. The fabled Nocturnal success story was undoubtedly earned. The tail began with 1000+ guest house parties bi-monthly in the early days. That time period progressed onto bar and club promotions all the way to the present day full concert nightclub production projects, to successfully market any type of business, to owning our first bar. We are humble experts in every facet of the business proposed. In the last few years, we have brought numerous entertainers and celebrities to Tampa and the surrounding areas. Due to our vast insightful knowledge of the area, we’ve set the standard in Tampa Bay for nearly ten years. The group is only getting started as they are looking to open two more companies in Tampa in the near future.                                                     Lanfranco has received a B.A. Sports and Event Management from the University of Tampa. His hobbies include, God, Family, Travel, Soccer, Food and he is a workaholic!

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