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Bail: $3000.00


AKA – “Jack the Zipper”


Crime: Killing with Kindness

Jackson Hurst aka “Jack the Zipper” has been charged with killing with kindness! Jack the Zipper is wanted on 3 counts of deliberate and felonious kindness. Approach with caution, Jack the Zipper is considered light-hearted and happy..he will make you smile just with one look; he’s one of the most dangerous felons we’ve ever had!

Jackson Hurst  is known to always be happy and extremely kind to others. he has a pension for cheering all those around him. Don’t let him fool you, he has a mean line drive to his goal for fundraising. His sister, Savannah, is a huge influence in his habitual kindness. Every year, Jackson decides in lieu of having a Birthday party, he would rather celebrate his sister, Savannah, and asks for donations to be made instead. He frequents candy stores, playgrounds, fundraisers and soccer field.     

Jack the Zipper’s prior convictions are smiling, laughing out loud and bringing joys to others. 

Please make a donation today to help Jackson get out of jail. Ask your friends to donate too. Who knows, maybe they can become an accomplice?! Every donation will make a difference in a special child’s life!