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Bail: $3000.00     

Madeline AKA – “Christine Kirkpatrick”

Deanna AKA – “Justine Timberlake”

CRIME:  Trying to Infiltrate NSYNC

Madeline and Deanna have been stalking the members of NSync for years in an attempt to take back the lives they feel were stolen from them.  They believe that NSync Band members, Chris Kirkpatrick and Justin Timberlake stole their ideas from their MySpace pages as well as their songs, incredible dance moves, and super awesome hairstyles.  They were the original girl band, MStake.  They had a record deal and even did a Behind the Music special about the dastardly deeds of the Boy Band, but the show was canceled before it aired!  Coincidence? They think not!   They can often be heard singing off-key their original song, “Hi, Hi, Hi!”  They like to keep things positive! 

It is apparent that these girls are delusional and are a danger to the National Treasure that is NSync. 

Madeline and Deanna have been a dynamic duo for years!  They worked together several years ago and are thrilled to be back together once again.  Madeline is the founder and executive director of Wheelchairs 4 Kids and her right hand lady is Deanna who keeps the place running!

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