Meet Gage!


Meet 12-year-old Gage. He was diagnosed with cerebral hypoplasia, which is similar to cerebral palsy. He cannot walk or stand without assistance.  He uses a walker at school and a powerchair for home. Gage is a happy kid despite his mobility challenges.


Gage has an array of interests. He watches YouTube videos on his iPad. He likes listening to organ music from church. He is a fan of the New York Yankees. He pretends to be a big leaguer by playing catch with his brothers. He has other interests, but his personality is the most important trait.  He is joyful and has a way of making people laugh. Gage uses his eyes and facial expressions to flirt with the ladies. He can melt the coldest heart with the wink of an eye. Gage inspires us all with the smile on his face.


Gage received an EZ Lite power wheelchair through the generosity of the Harper Foundation. His current chair no longer provided appropriate postural support and comfort and was too heavy to transport. The EZ Lite will make it easier for Gage to get around, since it is much lighter than his current chair. We are grateful to the Harper Foundation for improving Gage’s quality of life!