Meet Grace!



Meet 11-year-old Grace. She was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the nervous system.   She cannot walk long distances. She is mostly nonverbal but has other ways to communicate. Grace’s happiness is unhindered by her limitations.


Grace works hard to have a fun childhood. She watches dancing and gymnastics videos on YouTube—she used to be a gymnast in a special needs program. Grace’s favorite movie is Moana. She listens to Disney music that features magical princesses. Grace’s other interests include swimming and coloring. Most importantly, Grace is a great kid. She is a social butterfly who thrives by being friendly with everybody. She is independently minded and tries everything without help. Grace is a loving girl, too. She truly has a “Grace”ful heart!


Grace received a Freedom Concepts therapy bicycle to improve her leg strength and stamina. The bike will also be a way for her to socialize with friends, while proving exercise. Special thanks to her sponsor the Hansen Family Foundation. Grace has not stopped smiling since receiving her bike!