Meet Ian “Archer”!



Meet four-year-old Ian, who prefers to go by Archer. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He has been hospitalized several times and has endured numerous surgeries, including a partial foot amputation. He is confined to a wheelchair and moves around on the floor for more independence. Archer has more obstacles, but these do not prevent him from being happy.


Archer has an array of interests. He adores books, toys, and shows involving rockets. Archer is a fan of music by Toby Mac—the cool boy even plays air guitar whenever hearing a favorite song! He is also a superstar on adaptive baseball and basketball teams. Best of all, he is simply a great kid. He is silly and frequently makes people laugh with his antics. Archer is resilient—he always bounces back from difficult moments. He is loving, too—he gives the greatest hugs! Meet Archer. He knows how to pull the bowstring of inspiration and aim straight for our hearts.


Archer needs a ramp for his home to make leaving and entering safer with his wheelchair. Please be his sponsor!