Meet Issac!



Meet 14-year-old Issac. He was diagnosed with spina bifida and scoliosis. He is confined to a wheelchair but remains independent in most other ways. Issac is a terrific guy despite his inability to walk.


Issac has numerous interests. He listens to adrenaline-pumping rock music, and his favorite artist is Sting. He is a baseball fan and follows any team from Texas. Issac attends school and his favorite periods are science and band. He likes taking strolls with his sister while she rides her skateboard. These two siblings are cared for by their dedicated grandmother. She is their guardian and loves her grandchildren. She describes Issac by saying, “He is determined to make sure that he can do what other people his age can do. He is amazing and there is no other word to put it!”


Issac needed a vehicle lift to make transportation easier and safer with his wheelchair. Thanks to a grant through JEM Project, we were able to help Issac get the vehicle lift he needs!