Meet Ivoryah!



Meet 16-year-old Ivoryah. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which causes fatigue and pain in the muscles and bones. Ivoryah can only walk short distances. She rents wheelchairs when going to public places. This young lady is strong and determined despite having the tough condition.


Ivoryah has many interests. She is a fan of the drama Criminal Minds. She listens to music by My Chemical Romance. Ivoryah likes the Hunger Games series of books. She is a driven school student—her favorite subject is sign language. She also likes playing the mega-popular Minecraft game. She is creative and is a perfectionist towards her beautiful art portfolio. Ivoryah has more interests, but a stunning personality defines her best. She has a lightning-fast wit that keeps everyone on their toes and laughing. Ivoryah wears her heart on her sleeve. She is especially empathetic and caring towards other disabled people. Truly, ivoryah is no ordinary teenager. She is extraordinary and an inspiring role model!


Ivoryah needed a wheelchair with a motorized assist that helps when she pushes it. The chair will provide her with independence even if she gets tired. Thanks to a sponsorship from an amazing woman, Brenda, we were able to help Ivoryah obtain the wheelchair that she needed!