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Photo Bombing


James “Major Mallotov” Mallo is accused of the heinous crime of photo bombing. When he isn’t taking selfies, he can be found in the background of other people’s photos – leaving his mark on every occasion. A phone is raised and he appears out of nowhere with an explosively bright smile.

Major Mallo has served as a law enforcement officer within the State of Florida since 1992 and since 2001 he has served in his hometown community of Pasco County. James has been a member of the command staff at the Pasco Sheriff’s Office for the last 11 years and is currently responsible for the Operational Logistics Bureau which encompasses the Pasco Sheriff’s Office Fleet, Purchasing, Information Technology, and Construction. 

James graduated from Gulf High School, St. Pete Jr. College, and with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration, and a Certificate in Project Management from the University of South Florida. He also received a Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice Education from the University of Virginia, as he simultaneously graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy, Class #258.

James’s family moved to Pasco County in 1971. James has been married to Laura Mallo since 1995 and has twins who are in college. The Mallos also have two canine family members, Zuzu and Bella. James most enjoys spending time with his family and is active in the community and law enforcement field.

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