Jason “THE HAMMER” Avery

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Conspiracy to Vandalize


Jason “The Hammer” Avery led a mob of 45 tradesman through the destruction of Kitchens and Bathrooms in almost 100 residences in just the last year and this has been a 12 year Crime Spree.

Jason has built a team of over 40 people working daily, Remodeling over $5-Million Annually and they receive 72% over their new business by referrals. They have over a dozen trophies for their Award Winning Designs. Jason has been able to position himself to work ON his business, instead of IN his business and now has an interest in 4 other businesses, as well. Jason is the author of the #1 Best Selling book: Constructing Success – Blueprints for a Referral Based Business (Available on Amazon and Kindle), was a Top 40 under 40 by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, received recognition at WRECONN in Las Vegas as one of the Top 100 Professionals in Construction and Real Estate. Jason is now a sought-out Trainer and Speaker.

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