Meet Jax!

Meet 11-year-old Jax. He was diagnosed with the difficult illness, brittle bone disease (osteogenesis imperfecta). Sadly, he breaks a bone nearly every month, including ribs, back and more. He uses a walker for short distances and a wheelchair for more lengths. Jax, despite this harsh condition, is a super cool kid!


Jax has many popular interests, and some that are quite unique.  He likes the shows Monk and Murder She Wrote. He listens to music from pop to classic rock. He loves taking trips to Montreal, Canada and hopes one day to live in a cabin nestled in a picture-perfect setting. Jax plays accessible football and basketball using his wheelchair. He is in his school band and plays the trumpet. Jax enjoys entomology (the study of bugs). If these interests are not cool enough, Jax is even ambitious and desires to open up his own restaurant someday—he is a skilled cook and has created his own menu. All of his interests show that Jax is fun, determined, and creative. Jax may have a condition where he can break easily. His heart, however, makes Jax unbreakable!


Jax needs a hand cycle that will safely provide him a way to exercise without injury. He will also be able to use the bike for fun. Please be his sponsor!