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Bail: $5000.00

AKA – “Happy Feet”


Dr. John Sullivan aka “Happy Feet” is charged with breaking knees to win while dancing for charity. When he steps out on the dance floor he means business! You get in his way of victory and there goes your knees! Dr. Sullivan claims it’s all for a good cause but he has been charged and now he needs your help to prove his innocence.

Dr. Sullivan moved to Florida in 1984 to practice orthopedic surgery. He founded Orthopedic Specialists in Palm Harbor in 1985, and has continued to practice orthopedic surgery in the area since. He has a special interest in caring for patients injured in motor vehicle accidents.He and his wife reside in Tarpon Springs and believe in giving back to the community regularly. They sponsor an “Angel Project” every Christmas for needy families. They also sponsor a college scholarship program for deserving students to help defray all the extra costs such as books, etc.

Dr. Sullivan needs to raise $5,000 in charity bail to benefit Wheelchairs 4 Kids to avoid doing time in the Wheelchairs 4 Kids Jail so he can get back to cracking kneecaps.  Please help and donate today!