Meet Jordan!


Meet 20-year-old Jordan, who had a terrible accident. This young man was riding his ATV. The vehicle broke down and Jordan tried fixing the problem. Sadly, the ATV took off into a ditch and landed on top of Jordan. He was in the hospital for a month with a spinal cord injury. His back was partially repaired with rods and screws. Jordan, however, has severe muscle weakness and cannot walk. He is confined to a manual wheelchair for mobility. This tragic incident has not affected his heart or will.


Jordan has a wide variety of interests. He is a huge fan of Adam Sandler movies. He watches the hit show Yellowstone. He listens to music in the country and Christian genres, but his favorite song is “Ain’t Nothing to It,” by Cody Johnson. He watches baseball and played before the accident. Jordan also recently graduated from high school and he would like to have a career in business or construction management. Jordan’s favorite things of all, however, are playing with  his service dog and going out with friends. Jordan is a remarkable young man. He is hard working and achieves his goals despite the limitations. Jordan does not see himself as limited, though. And we see him as a perfect man and a role model of inspiration.


Jordan received a FES Myocycle.  This specialized stationary bike helps to stimulate blood flow and decreases leg spasms through electrical stimulation. These properties will improve the health of Jordan’s legs. Special thanks to Shirakiku for being his generous sponsor!