Meet Jordyn!



Meet 14-year-old Jordyn. She was born a happy and healthy girl. She was highly active over the years, and then had surgery in 2020 to correct her scoliosis. The procedure caused a stroke which triggered tetraplegia and other neurological problems. She is now confined to a wheelchair. She needs assistance with everyday tasks. Jordyn, despite her tragedy, remains happy.


Jordyn has an array of interests. Her favorite movies include Moana and Frozen. She listens to the latest pop music, especially by Cardi B. Jordyn also enjoys shopping at the mall or reading books at the library. She has other pastimes, but these are not as important as her personality. Jordyn is friendly and best known to be a prankster. She loves making silly noises and getting people to laugh. Here is a young girl who suffered a series of setbacks and tragedies. She still focuses on making other people happy. Simply stated, Jordyn is our hero.


Jordyn needs a bath chair to provide sitting support and safer bathing. Please be her sponsor!