Meet Jovan!



Meet 21-year-old Jovan. He is unable to walk, non-verbal, developmentally delayed, and confined to a wheelchair that is simply too big for him. His wheelchair lacks the basic
support he needs, causing his head to slump and body to easily slouch. Occasionally, he will even slip out as Jova’s current chair is too large, and he is unable to even keep his head up on his own, and his feet correctly positioned.

He unfortunately undergoes many challenges as he needs constant assistance. He suffers from many disabilities and lost his mom at a very young age. However, a smaller tilt wheelchair that fits his needs could help make his life a lot easier. The tilt is especially beneficial as it will help relieve pressure and make him feel more comfortable. The added support of a smaller chair will transform his day-to-day life. Please be Jovan’s sponsor!