Meet Juan Pablo!


Meet 14-year-old Juan Pablo. He was diagnosed at five months old with cerebral palsy. He cannot walk and needs assistance to sit upright for extended periods. He endures nerve-racking seizures and many other challenges. He is a brave and happy boy regardless of his illness.


Juan Pablo has numerous interests. He likes watching the movies Kung Fu Panda and Hotel Transylvania. He listens to inspiring classical music, and his favorite is “O Sole Mio” by the powerful Pavarotti. Juan Pablo enjoys going to school—he gets excited hearing the bus each morning and comes home eager for the next day. He likes taking strolls outdoors or at the mall when it is too hot outside. Juan Pablo is a great kid, too. He is known to be always smiling. He has overcome every obstacle with the grace of a determined fighter. He is a true champion of our hearts.


Juan Pablo received a bath chair to make bathing easier and safer, thanks to his generous sponsor the Alamo Kiwanis Club.