Meet Julietta!



Meet five-year-old Julietta. Sadly, this little sweetheart contracted Zika virus, which caused her to have seizure disorder and hydrocephalus. She has severe muscle weakness which causes her to be fully independent on her family for everyday living skills. Julietta is a spirited child even with her difficult life.


Julietta enjoys a variety of pastimes that are fun to her ears. She listens to the show Lavaca Lola, which gives her a calming effect. Julietta loves listening to the cheerful sound of birds singing and dogs barking. Her favorite relaxing activity, however, is taking car rides. Julietta can be crying after a stressful day, but she instantly calms down on her way to the car. Julietta is described by her family as a strong willed and beautiful princess who shows love in adorable ways. She can get away with anything, too. She especially gets away with stealing our hearts.