Meet JW!



Meet 10-year-old JW, who was born healthy and happy. He was involved in a tragic accident last year that caused him to have Spastic Quadriplegia. JW is now mostly nonverbal. He is unable to walk and is completely dependent on his family for everyday living skills. JW is remarkable despite the difficult turn in his life. 


JW has a few interests. Two of his favorite shows include Cobra Kai and Henry Danger. He listens to music from hit groups, including Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons. He and his family take trips to SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, and Adventure Island.  JW  had a more active lifestyle before the accident. He played football but now enjoys supporting the Buccaneers and his favorite player, Tom Brady. And just like the iconic football star, JW perseveres through his obstacles and comes out with a winning smile. His mom describes him best. “JW draws people in because he is happy and funny. he is a bright light that glows and his love shines through.” 


JW needed a vehicle lift to make transportation possible with his new wheelchair. Previously, using the car without his chair is unsafe. Thanks to a grant through The White Family Foundation we have been able to get JW the vehicle lift that he needed!