Meet Kaden!


Meet nine-year-old Kaden. He was diagnosed with Spinal muscular atrophy type II. He has been hospitalized due to surgeries and viruses. Kaden is also dependent on his wheelchair for mobility. He is an active and upbeat boy despite his limitations.


Kaden has various interests. He watches shows and movies that are adventurous—his favorite films include Super Mario and any of the Indiana Jones movies. He likes all things video games. His favorite outings are visiting Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Kaden attends school, and he enjoys learning about science and archaeology. Kaden, most of all, has a great personality. He is determined to succeed and push through his trials with a smile. He is kind to everybody and never meets a stranger. This young boy is aptly named. Kaden, in several cultures, defines gentle and fighter. He lives up to his name and inspires our hearts.


Kaden outgrew his old wheelchair, and he needs a new chair to regain his independence. Please be his sponsor!