Meet Karsen!



Meet 12-year-old Karsen. She was diagnosed with a rare progressive genetic disorder known as Xia-Gibbs syndrome. She has a weakened immune system and has been hospitalized dozens of times. She also uses leg braces and requires assistance to walk. Brave Karsen has numerous other challenges, but she is still a happy girl.


Karsen enjoys several pastimes. Her favorite show is Sesame Street. She listens to a variety of music, but her favorites are going to live events with mariachi bands or Celtic groups with bagpipes. Karsen is a fan of the Tampa Buccaneers and any sports team with cheerleaders. Karsen likes visiting all of the Orlando theme parks. She has even modeled for Disney commercials and acted in local theater plays–this little girl is photogenic and loves being the center of attention! Most importantly, she has a big heart and is affectionate towards everybody. Meet Karsen. She defines beauty inside and out. She defines inspiration.


Karsen needs a manual wheelchair for easier transportation. Please be her sponsor!