Meet Katelyn!



Meet 13-year-old Katelyn. She was diagnosed with spina bifida and has endured numerous surgeries. She can walk in short distances using arm crutches with assistance but requires a wheelchair for longer periods. Katelyn remains positive despite her mobility challenges.

Katelyn enjoys a variety of activities. She listens to music by the hit Christian group, Casting Crowns. She likes perusing through Tik-Tok and YouTube videos. Her favorite movie is the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. She loves outings to Disney World and seeing Ariel and Tinkerbelle in person. Katelyn is a driven student who excels at math. She also works hard to be healthy by swimming. Most of all, Katelyn is beautiful. She is a shy girl at first. Once Katelyn gets to know people, however, her kind and loving nature comes through like a ray of sunshine. This sweet girl is aptly named. Katelyn defines pure beauty.

Katelyn received an Air Hawk power chair so she can be a more independent teenager. The chair is one of the lightest and most compact power chairs in the world! Special thanks to Saunders and the Turkey Creek Masonic Lodge for being her sponsor!