Meet Kayode!


Meet eight-year-old Kayode. He was born prematurely and was in intensive care when he had heart surgery. He had survived multiple brain hemorrhages.   He was eventually diagnosed with cerebral palsy.   He uses a walker at home and a wheelchair for long distances. This courageous boy has been through a lot and still remains joyful.


Kayode has a diverse number of interests. He has a large amount of exciting sensory toys, including a cool keyboard. His favorite outing is visiting Morgan’s Wonderland where he can ride on swings and slides. He also enjoys swimming and feeling weightless in a pool. Kayode, most of all, desires giving hugs to his friends and family. He is very affectionate and appreciates everything in his life. In this way, each hug is Kayode’s way of saying, “Thank you for being there for me. I love you.”


Kayode received a  Riffton therapy tricycle to improve his leg strength, stamina, and balance. The exercise will help his ability to walk while giving him more opportunities to play outdoors. Special thanks to the Alamo Kiwanis Club for being his sponsor.