Meet Kelsey!


Meet 10-year-old Kelsey. She was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder known as spinal muscular atrophy type 2. Kelsey is unable to put any weight on her legs, and she depends completely on a wheelchair for independent mobility. Kelsey does not stop moving forward in life despite this limitation.


Kelsey has numerous interests. She likes relaxing by watching her pet fish or seeing YouTube videos. Kelsey enjoys playing with her friends online using the hit website Roblox. She does more than relax and play. Kelsey is a driven student. Her favorite subject is art–she made a clay pyramid that was truly a wonder of the classroom! Most importantly, Kelsey is beautiful in every way. She is always making people laugh. Kelsey is loving and thoughtful. She enjoys giving gifts just as much as hugs! Kelsey is resilient and nothing puts her in a bad mood. Meet Kelsey. She builds more than something wonderful in her classroom. She is a monument of inspiration and creates love in our hearts.


Kelsey needed a manual wheelchair to provide her with independent mobility. She currently has a transport chair that has wheels too small for her to push. Thanks to the Miami Elks Lodge, we were able to help get Kelsey the Wheelchair that she needed!