Meet Kelvin!



Meet 10-year-old Kelvin. He was diagnosed with a rare chromosomal disorder. He also has hypotonia and developmental delay. He does not have independent mobility. He has many other trials, but nothing prevents him from being joyful.


Kelvin’s primary interest is music. He is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, and DeBarge. His favorite toy is a keyboard or anything that can play songs. Kelvin attends school and his favorite subject is music class. He won an award for being the best student. His teacher said that she would have a perfect class if every student was like Kelvin! He is a little boy who always wakes up in a good mood. The only thing that makes him light up brighter than the morning sun is when somebody calls him baby. Kelvin will hear this and smile from ear to ear. Meet Kelvin. Like a masterful musician who can play the sweetest song, Kelvin tugs on our heartstrings with the composition of his courage.


Kelvin needs a medical stroller for easier and safer transportation. Kelvin’s grandmother is his primary caregiver.   She injured herself lifting his wheelchair. The stroller is essential for both Kelvin and his grandma. Please be his sponsor!