Meet Kelvin!



Meet 20-year-old Kelvin. This young man is unable to walk or stand due to a tragic accident that injured his spinal cord. He continues moving ahead despite his limitations.


Kelvin has a few cool interests. He is a fan of the actor Chris Rock, but his favorite movie is the hilarious Grownups 2. He follows basketball and football. Kelvin’s hobby, however, is relaxing with PlayStation video games. Kelvin has a very easygoing personality, too. He is happy to do anything with his family, even if it means doing nothing at all. Kelvin is simply happy to be alive. He beat the odds by turning tragedy into triumph and an accident into awesomeness!


Kelvin Needs a Myocycle- FES Bike. This specialized bicycle produces electrical impulses to stimulate legs with little or no mobility. The bike will provide Kelvin with crucial exercise to maintain his overall health and leg strength. Please be his sponsor!