Meet Faith!



Meet 12-year-old Faith. Her life began under tragic circumstances. A string of traumatic events caused the little girl’s parents to pass away. Her dedicated grandmother quickly stepped in and adopted Faith.   She was also born with severe complications and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Remarkably, her biggest obstacle is mobility. She cannot walk without assistance and uses a wheelchair to be independent. Faith remains positive and cheerful despite her trials.


Faith has many interests. She is a big fan of the Bernie Mac Show. She likes any program  and movie that make her laugh. She likes the excitement of watching Jacksonville Jaguars football.  She listens to popular hip-hop music, and her favorite is Bruno Mars. Faith also loves to read, and she finds inspiration in The Bible. She enjoys the weightlessness of swimming and the thrill of dancing. Faith is a hard-working school student, too. Her favorite subject is math, and she gats all A’s in the class. Faith expresses her artistic side by creating beautiful paintings. Faith, most importantly, is best described as sweet and friendly. She never meets a stranger. Falling in love with Faith is as easy as seeing her smiling face. If the world seems to be falling apart, then Faith will restore your joy.

 Faith needs a medical stroller to provide her with improved postural support and easier transportation. 

Faith received her Convaid EZ Rider stroller thanks to the Asofsky Family Foundation. Faith and her grandmother are so happy! She can now transport her easier as her stroller is lightweight and easily accessible for travel. She can use her stroller for everyday use, both indoors, outdoors, and at school. Faith will enjoy her new equipment for many years to come!