Meet Aiden!



Meet four-year-old Aiden. He was diagnosed with Polymicrogyria, a condition where the brain does not develop normally before birth. He has mobility limitations and uses a gait trainer for movement. He is also nonverbal. Aiden has other trials, but he remains a cheerful boy.


Aiden has a few fun interests. He is a fan of the Baby Einstein shows. He listens to a variety of music. He has a musical family, including a grandma who plays the piano. Aiden enjoys watching sports, including Football, rugby, and golf. He gets excited when his mom holds him and jumps up and down on a trampoline. Aiden has more interests, but he is best described as an awesome boy. He laughs hysterically when people drop objects during juggling acts. He likes cuddling and melting into somebody’s arms, as if it is the best place to be. Aiden has a magical way of looking  through a person’s eyes and reaching into their soul. Meet Aiden. Once he touches your heart, letting him go is impossible.


Aiden  needs a Zing stander to provide him with independent mobility. Please be his sponsor!