Meet Aila!



Meet 10-year-old Aila. The sweet girl was two years old when she was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. She cannot walk without assistance as a result of her illness. She can only walk in short distances even with help. Aila, despite her disability. Sees herself as capable as any other child her age.   


Aila has a mountain-sized variety of interests. She likes watching people dancing and figure skating. She has a wide collection of American Girl dolls, purses, slime and squishies, bracelets, and enough stuffed animals to fill up a zoo. She even has a pet leopard gecko named Clara. Aila is known in her family to be the most creative; she exemplifies this trait with her beautiful works of art. On hot summer days, she also enjoys swimming. Aila’s interests, however, are not as big as her personality. She is very charismatic and outgoing, which is even more magnified compared to her quiet and shy parents. The brave girl is always smiling and positive despite having to be in the hospital every few months. Clearly, Aila is as bright as the sun and not even a disease can withstand her inspiring brilliance.


Aila needs a stander to increase the bone density and strength in her legs. The equipment will help her to walk. Please be her sponsor!