Meet Alesandra!


Alesandra is a sweet 17-year old girl who loves the colors purple and pink.  She is a cheerful girl who is a little timid until she gets to know you.  Her favorite movie is Toy Story and she loves to snuggle with soft, cuddly teddy bears.   She also stimulates her senses with interactive toys that move, play music and have fun textures to feel.  But her favorite thing to do (according to her big brother) is eat…anything!  If she had to choose one favorite food, it would be french fries!

Alesandra has Lenox Gastaut Syndrome, a severe and rare form of epilepsy.  She also has Cerebral Palsy. Alesandra suffers 4 or 5 seizures each day.  She has limited use of her limbs and is prone to choking.

Alesandra is currently using a borrowed wheelchair that does not fit her needs.  She leans to the left and needs strong trunk support to avoid spinal problems.  She also needs a pelvic belt and custom headrest to avoid possible injury  resulting from her frequent seizures.  Wheelchairs 4 Kids is on the job!