Meet Alexaly!



Meet 15-year-old Alexaly. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a chromosomal disorder that affects many systems of her body. She already has endured dozens of surgeries, including four open-heart procedures and a brain operation. More procedures are to come—the riskiest will be a valve replacement on her heart. This young lady was doing well before a hip surgery. Afterwards, she lost her capability to stand and walk. She is currently undergoing extensive therapy to regain her abilities. Alexaly, despite these and other limitations, is remarkable.


Alexaly is still able to enjoy many activities. She watches YouTube videos of people dancing or girls playing with dolls. Her favorite movie is Frozen, and she loves the film’s song, “Be Yourself.” Alexaly has a creative side, too. She makes beautiful pictures by painting and coloring. The best illustration, however, is of her life. She has a wonderful younger brother who does not see her disability. They are best friends and do everything together, including play video games, tell stories, and talk about things that are important between brothers and sisters. Most of all, Alexaly is known as a miracle. She was born on an island and instantly needed open-heart surgery. Only one doctor was experienced enough to conduct the procedure. Unfortunately, Alexaly suffered from brain damage, but this had no effect on her memory. Alexaly remembers everything she is told. She is a warrior who never gives in to her circumstances. Mom describes her best, “I’ve never met anyone like her. She’s changed our whole view of life, she’s the one that has all the struggles and yet she is the happiest.” Meet Alexaly. She will change your life, too.


Alexaly needs a mobile stander to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. The device will further promote her independence. Please be her sponsor!