Meet Alexis!



Meet 14-year-old Alexis. She was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy type 2. She cannot walk and uses a wheelchair to be independent. She has many other trials but remains positive and brave.

Alexis likes several pastimes.    Her favorite Netflix show is Virgin River. She is a fan of spooky books and movies. She watches Yankees and Cardinals baseball and Gators college football. She is a driven student who enjoys math and being with her peers in a youth group that is very accommodating to her needs. Alexis adores her pet Chihuahua who follows her everywhere like a faithful shadow. Most importantly, Alexis has a big heart. She is compassionate and will go to restaurants and always invites people to her table if they are sitting alone. She is especially sympathetic towards elderly people and children. This beautiful girl is aptly named. In certain cultures, Alexis means helper, defender, and protector. Our Alexis lives up to her name and is an inspiration to us all.

Alexis needs the ramp fixed in her family vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible. Please be her sponsor!



Alexis’ ramp f is working again. This is such a key piece to her independence. So happy to see this bright and beautiful girl smiling again as she enters and exits the family vehicle once more!