Meet Amir!

Meet two-year-old Amir. Sadly, his life had severe trials from the start. He was born with a heart defect and spent one week in intensive care after his birth. He had open heart surgery and still needs more in the future. Amir was also diagnosed with down syndrome. He is behind in his communication skills. Amir struggles walking. He tries sitting up without assistance. Amir, despite these and other limitations, is a happy boy.


Amir has a fun childhood to the best of his ability. He watches Disney cartoons with Mickey Mouse or also the hit show Masha and the Bear. He listens to a variety of nursery rhymes, but his favorite is the timeless ABC song. Amir simply enjoys noise, including his interactive toys that create a variety of stimulating sounds. He enjoys going to local parks and soaking up a little sun to brighten his day. Amir has other interests, but the best part of this boy is his personality. He is curious and observes his world with wide eyes full of wonder. He is sweet and adores everybody within sight. Meet Amir. He has limitations and a heart condition, but his heart is also perfect because it has the limitless ability to love.


Amir needs a gait trainer to provide him with more independent mobility. 


Amir received his new gait trainer thanks to Rifton, and his generous sponsor, The Down Syndrome Association of Tampa Bay. Amir can now scoot along at his leisure with the help of his gait trainer.

While he is mostly non-verbal, no words were needed as the smile on his face said it all! Once situated in his gait trainer, he excitedly took his first few steps! His father, Hassane, said, “You don’t know how much this means to us. Thank you so much for everything!”