Meet Anabella!



Meet nine-year-old Anabella. She was born at the 38th week of pregnancy. She was not meeting typical milestones as a baby. Annabella could not sit, hold up her head, or raise her arms. She was eventually diagnosed with spastic triplegia cerebral palsy. Anabella, as a result, is learning to walk using a gait trainer. She does remarkably well despite the illness.


Anabella likes activities similar to other kids her age. Her favorite movie, of course, is Frozen. She watches makeup tutorials on YouTube. She listens to a variety of music while dancing in her gait trainer. Anabella clearly likes being active. Anabella loves PE during school where she can use her gait trainer or stretch on a floor mat. She also likes going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. Nothing can pull her out of the water, except maybe to play with her massive collection of Barbie dolls! Anabella is driven to be healthy and to have a good childhood. She has other qualities. She is described as noble and loving. She thanks her physical therapist for being patient. She thanks her mom for cooking tasty treats and for being a dedicated caregiver. Anabella has an aptly named Scottish meaning, and this describes her best in only two words. Beautiful grace.


Anabella needs an adaptive tricycle to improve her leg strength, stamina, and balance. She can also have a great time riding the trike while getting the important exercise. Please be her sponsor!