Meet Analyssa!



Meet eight-year-old Analyssa. She was diagnosed with Down syndrome and severe low muscle tone. She can only walk and stand with assistance as a result of her illness. She has a special needs dog that can give her support while she stands or walks. She is also nonverbal and uses special technology to communicate. Analyssa, however, remains joyful despite these trials.


Analyssa has a few popular interests and a big personality to match. She adores all things Disney, especially the starring characters from the Finding Nemo film. She knows how to rewind the movie and can watch the same 20 seconds over again—poor Nemo will never be found this way! She also listens to music that inspires her to sing, including songs by Coco Melon. Analyssa enjoys being active, too. She is a competitive participant in Special Olympic games. She also exercises her mind while being a determined home-schooled student. Analyssa’s best trait is her personality. She is described as a diva princess with a bit of feistiness. Analyssa  likes looking super-cool in her hot pink glasses and says hi to everybody, but do not bother this girl when she is focusing on something important—she might get a bit sassy if distracted! This is okay, though. She is adorable enough to get away with it! She is also inspiring enough to capture anybody’s heart.


Analyssa needs a therapy tricycle to improve her leg strength, balance, and stamina. This will help her to walk while having a good time exercising. Please be her sponsor!